Wow! Free Doge Coin Generating Website, Which Will Make You Profit Every Day


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- Doge Coin is one type of Cryptocurency that is quite popular in the mining community.

Even though it has a small value per coin, Doge is very popular and much sought after by miners, because it is very easy to get 1 Doge.

Currently Doge Coin has a price of around Rp. 35, - per Coin, it does look worthless, but if you are diligent in looking for and collecting it, it is not impossible that you will be rich.

On this occasion, I will recommend 2 websites that will fill your doge coin wallet quickly.

And more importantly, this website doesn't force you to deposit when you first register, but if you want to collect your doge faster, you can deposit an amount determined by the relevant website.

Doge GG

The first is Doge GG, this website will give you 5 doge in a day if you don't make a deposit, other than that for new users this website will provide a minimum amount of Witdraw as much as 5 Doge, so you only need to wait 1 day to do Witdraw.

For users who have already Witdraw, Doge GG will increase the minimum Witdraw amount to 100 Doge with a daily profit of 5 Doge (remains the same).

I myself have tried it, and have done Witdraw as much as 4.2 Doge, and sure enough a few minutes later 4.2 Doge managed to enter into my wallet, and what's better, this website does not provide tax deductions for users.



The second is DogeWorker, on this website you will get 1 free miner with the following specifications:

Profit /3hours : 0.25 Doge

Faucet /3 hours : min 0.01 doge

This website relies heavily on 3 hours of time, and once every 3 hours, you must claim the total mining and claim the available faucets. Because if not, the number of Doge in mining will continue to stay at 0.25 Doge.

If in 3 hours you get 0.25 Doge, then in 12 hours, you will get 1 Doge, and in 24 hours you will profit 2 Doge, plus a faucet that at least gets 0.01 Doge, in 24 hours means you will get 0.08 Doge, meaning you will profit around 2.08 Doge in a day, and even then if you use a free miner.

This website has a minimum Witdraw amount of 20 Doge, and withholding tax of 2 Doge.

Register :

Okay, just go to the link provided to try it, hopefully it's useful.