Price Drops Sharp, Bitcoin Really Humiliated in 2018

Crypto Scavenger
- The year 2018 was truly a nightmare for bitcoin miners, because in 2018 the bitcoin price fell sharply and never rose to its former glory.

Starting from January 2018 the bitcoin price has started to decline, and the peak point in November 2018 bitcoin experienced a very drastic decline of up to 41.8% from January to November.

The last Bitcoin was in its heyday in December 2017 which has a price of up to Rp. 264M more per one BTC, and being in the Binanga period in November 2018 which has a price of more than Rp. 63M, it means the decrease in bitcoin from December 2017 to November 2018 is around 75% or Rp. 20M.

So what happened to the miners? Of course this is very troubling for bitcoin miners including me :'D With a deposit in 2017 at an expensive price, and getting a profit that is much smaller in value than the deposit, so if that's the case, it will fall to a loss :3 We pray that Bitcoin will rise drastically have a very Mantili price value again.